Base on colored gold mosaic book 4 items.



That seem some Chinese mosaic factories also have similar mosaic chips as our book 4 show.

But most difference is they chip glass base in transparent color,just make the color foil (Leaf).

And ours are color glass base + color foil mounted = Compound color

Why we do that ?

(1),Compound color more difficult to imitate.
(2),Color tone more rich,total 200 colors.
(3),We solved problem of color fade.
(4),Our color more near famous brand – Sicis mosaic chip’ color , but more competitive price.
(5),For artists , more confidence to cut the chips and use.


Even though you saw book 8 is Cutting glass mosaic.

But we make a advanced scientific use of foil (Leaf) -Ag+ foil and excellent backing side epoxy protect.

These are high-quality tile suitable for architectural installation indoors and outdoors.

But remember avoid using in high chlorine and high sulfur environments or cleaning with acid.

About question you asked:

– A mosaic from Book 8 can be used in wet areas (swimming pools, ham-mams, spas), etc.

Swimming pools are acceptable, but these are a new product, and long-term test data for use in pools does not exist.

(Use in pools would be at customer risk and require best practices for grouting and sealing.)

And we worried about swimming pool clear will use acid – Chlorine water. This is an unstable factor.

Ham mams and spas and bathroom both ok.

– It can be used on the facades of buildings?

Install INDOORS for longest life.

OUTDOOR use should be ok, but avoid high chlorine and sulfur environments and cleaning with acid.

Product has been tested in UV sunlight and installed in low and high temperature locations with no problems observed to date.

Our opinion is that these could last a long time in an outdoor mosaic patio table if thoroughly sealed, but these are a new product and aging over years and decades is unknown.

– It can be glued to the cement adhesive? or need some other?

They can be glued to the cement and adhesive.

Just be careful if you use liquor or gel stickers, because many liquor and gel sticker contains sulfur, which will react with silver.

– Suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures?

We have make a temperature cycles test from -70°C to 80°C.

This is ok!

if have more question,welcome contact me to discuss.