Jinyuan mosaic focus on gold foil mosaic 20 years, is the gold foil mosaic tile industry leading brand, our gold foil mosaic has a number of national patents technology, and passed the German SGS inspection and certification in the industry, the author to talk about gold foil mosaic related knowledge, hope will be useful to everyone .

1,The history of gold foil

The earliest discovery of the production of gold foil is the ancient Egyptian Nile River basin, the Chinese gold foil is the traditional Chinese crafts, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, mature in the Southern Dynasties, popular in Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, Nanjing is the birthplace of gold foil, China Nanjing gold foil Legend has been nearly 1700 years of history, now Nanjing is the world’s largest gold foil production center, accounting for 95% of global gold foil production. May 2006, Nanjing gold foil forging technology by the State Council as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

The ancient civilizations of the world have the superb skills of making gold foil. Ancient Egyptian pharaoh mausoleum unearthed cultural relics proved that Egypt has long mastered the gold foil processing technology. A gold foil product was found in a tomb of 3500 years ago (1500 BC) in the sub-Saharan Africa, and the image of gold foil was unearthed on the Egyptian tombs in 1450 BC. In Europe, the Middle Ages, Hamburg, Vienna and other places have gold foil processing industry. Asian countries, the Japanese gold foil manufacturing skills superb, excellent products, the main origin is Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa City. Hammer gold can also produce tin foil, copper foil, etc., with the gold foil processing methods.

2,The category of gold foil

Gold foil has “red gold”, “gold” of the other, since the late Qing Dynasty, there are “library gold foil”, “Su big red”, “Tian Jin” many titles. “Treasury gold foil” red color, gold fineness of the best, Zhang is also the largest, about three inches square. “Su big red” color is yellow, fineness is poor, Zhang about two inches eight square. Color light and white called “Tian Chingjin”, the color is gold and in fact is to use silver to become “gold foil”. Sichuan Sanxingdui, Sands unearthed Shang Dynasty gold foil crafts are highly representative, such as gold foil tiger, gold foil phoenix, gold foil frog decorated, gold foil fish ornaments and so on.

3,Third, the difference between real gold foil and high imitation gold foil

In general, we can observe by the naked eye, the real gold foil on the light will appear green, imitation gold foil on the light is not green; there are gold foil than imitation gold foil to thin, real gold foil hand that is broken, and imitation gold Gold foil to be thick, hand touch will not be broken, there are real gold is not afraid of fire, with fire can also distinguish between true and false, imitation gold foil is the main raw material copper, copper will produce copper oxide by burning and black, and gold will not. If we want to measure the gold content of gold foil, we will pass a special instrument, but we can distinguish between the human eye is probably a 9 red 8 yellow 7 green. That is, gold content of more than 90 for the red, the content of 80 for the partial yellow, the content of 70 for the partial cyan. Now the gold foil production, has been integrated into the modern technology, the use of auxiliary materials (such as Wujin paper) and equipment have been greatly reformed, yield and quality are greatly improved. Modern technology will carry forward the traditional gold foil process, the development of new varieties of gold, such as the use of high-tech laser light carving in the purity of 99% of the gold foil carved, bronzing from the boutique, with hedging, collection, commemorative and appreciation value.

4,Four types of gold mosaic

1. According to the relative position of gold foil and glass is divided into surface gold foil mosaic, laminated gold foil mosaic, the bottom gold foil mosaic

2. According to the different texture of the glass is divided into flat gold mosaic, wave pattern gold mosaic

3. According to the product shape is different, divided into square gold foil mosaic tiles, long gold foil mosaic tiles, hexagonal gold foil mosaic tiles and other profiled gold mosaic tiles

4. According to the different types of gold foil is divided into 24Kat real gold mosaic, 18Kat high imitation gold mosaic, cold spray mosaic tiles and so on.

5. According to the different colors of gold foil can be divided into: gold mosaic, platinum mosaic, rose gold mosaic, platinum mosaic, blue gold mosaic, gray gold mosaic and other colored gold mosaic.

6. According to the different glass embryo body, gold foil mosaic can be divided into hot-melt gold foil mosaic, straight edge gold foil mosaic.

7. According to gold foil mosaic surface brightness, and is divided into bright gold mosaic and matte gold mosaic.

5,The golden glass mosaic material with high imitation gold foil mosaic

The gold mosaic process is nothing less than the following, the price of gold mosaic from high to low are: platinum mosaic, gold foil mosaic, gold water mosaic, high imitation gold mosaic, electroplated glass mosaic, cold spray powder mosaic. Gold mosaic and real gold mosaic color, the surface appearance of the most close, almost reached more than 95% of the approximation of the general layman is difficult to distinguish between real gold mosaic and high imitation gold mosaic, but the high imitation gold mosaic price only Real gold mosaic of about 1/10, is the modern decoration of the important gold foil material.Also than the original background wall paste gold foil process easier to construction, lower cost, and because of the protection of the glass layer, never discolored off . Now there is a process to replace the background wall directly paste gold foil, and because the height seems to be really gold mosaic, the cost and very competitive, so in recent years, high imitation gold mosaic on the real gold mosaic market erosion is very large, almost replaced 80 % Of the real gold mosaic market.

6,High imitation gold foil mosaic development and alkali resistance

High imitation gold foil mosaic was originally used aluminum foil and copper foil to imitate, the color is more matte, the most important thing is aluminum and copper are extremely active metal, easily react with alkali lead to color oxidation phenomenon because we are in the decoration process To use the adhesive, the main component of the adhesive is cement, while the cement in the water or humid environment will release OH-alkaline ions, and aluminum foil or copper foil chemical reaction.

Time to 2008, Jinyuan mosaic company finally developed a gold-resistant gold mosaic (see the company’s patent certificate and SGS inspection and certification report), found that the metal is a very inert metal, not with the alkali reaction, And overcome the silver in the 2200 degrees high temperature from the solid sublimation of the core technology for the gaseous, completely solve the high boiling silver solid silver foil technology, as well as the subsequent silver color into gold foil, rose gold foil, gold foil, red gold foil, Gray gold foil a series of technical process for the high imitation gold foil mosaic industry completely solve the gold foil to overcome the alkali, waterproof, permanent color does not change the problem.

Since the Golden Mosaic successfully solved the high imitation of the gold foil, the water resistance after the high imitation gold foil glass mosaic has been developed rapidly, combined with other material mosaic tiles, all kinds of gold foil mosaic puzzle, gold foil mosaic sows more and more Rich in a variety of mosaic background wall applications more and more widely. Since then, the noble gold mosaic puzzle works of art really began to fly into the homes of ordinary people.