Chinese TOP 10 mosaic tile brand include Rongguan Mosaic,Rose Mosaic,Jinyuan Mosaic,JNJ Mosaic,Seed Mosaic,Caihua Mosaic,Leifu Mosaic,Longart Mosaic,Viewgres Mosaic,HK Pearl Mosaic.


1, RongGuan mosaic

Foshan City RongGuan glass building materials Co. Ltd., is China south with a large-scale decorative glass building materials enterprises, mainly the production of glass mosaic, quartz stone, stone (also known as engineering stone, synthetic stone, tile). Products are sold all over the country and exported to Europe, South America, Russia, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Central Africa, Italy, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

RongGuan mosaic in Baini town Sanshui District Private Industrial District of Foshan City, covers an area of about 300000 square meters, construction area of nearly 200 thousand square meters of production. The company has a mature technology, painstaking research and innovation of engineering and technical personnel team, so that the process of enterprise mature. More than 10 existing professional production lines, equipped with domestic first-class production equipment, to meet the technical requirements of professional production. The company is committed to improving the management level of enterprises, in-depth development, and through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.

“RongGuan” glass mosaic chemical stability, no discoloration, no dust, good adhesion, color rich, gorgeous, elegant, unique texture, durable, lasting new. Suitable for interior and exterior wall decoration of buildings, such as buildings, hotels, office buildings, houses, factories, villas, swimming pools, etc.. The products are common, no sand, clouds, magic, fantasy, Venus, Jin Yun, gold, non slip, shaped and other ten series of more than three hundred kinds of colors, the annual production capacity of 12 million square meters. The rich colors of glass mosaics can subtly express the layers of colors, and high-grade glass materials can produce special textures. Crown of glass mosaic by introducing computer design of modern science and technology, professional artists all kinds of characters, carefully produced landscape art design, natural color, fine workmanship, creative unique, luxurious and elegant. RongGuan glass mosaic is suitable for the decoration of interior and exterior walls of buildings. It is an ideal decoration material for hotels, commercial buildings, stations, airports, subway stations, swimming pools, and walls and floors at home.

2, ROSE mosaic

Kaiping City Rose Art Mosaic Co. Ltd. is located in the famous Wuyi Kaiping. With nine of the most advanced glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic production line, is a professional production of various types of high-grade mosaics and art mosaic of large manufacturers.

Rose ROSE mosaic with many years of good production technology and rich management experience, will “Sanda” and “love jade” brand mosaic quality and sales continued to lead to the forefront of the industry. In 2002, we have dedicated our eyes to the broad masses of “ROSE” art mosaics in the industry with professional vision, rigorous attitude and advanced concept. Over the years, we adhere to innovation, and constantly improve, and always create extraordinary products and mosaic myth.


3, JinYuan mosaic (jinyuanmosaic)

Boluo JinYuan mosaic Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong, Huizhou, China, with modern, automatic mosaic of gold foil, mosaic mosaic production line. JinYuan focused on the mosaic mosaic gold, Silver Mosaic, mosaic, mosaic cut art development and design for 20 years. JinYuan mosaic gold foil mosaic is the biggest characteristic of alkali resistant waterproof, no oxidation, no color, no shedding. Their company’s slogan is: JinYuan brand mosaic, effective for 100 years.

JinYuan mosaic has a strong R & D capability. With dozens of patents in gold foil mosaic process, and passed the international certification SGS. Germany is the world’s first developed alkali resistant high imitation gold foil mosaic manufacturers.


4, JNJ mosaic

Wei Qi enterprise was founded in 1992, and the Chinese Art Mosaic Market synchronization. JNJ mosaic is the main high-end brand, and won the “Guangdong famous trademark”, “China Mosaic industry gold cube Award” ten major brands and other honorary titles.

The main products are positioning JNJ mosaic glass mosaic, including sand glass mosaic, mosaic gold, ice jade mosaic etc.

Elegance, taste, personality, unique temperament, is the “JNJ” has been looking for style. Integration of Italy and European traditional crafts, not only to abandon the traditional building materials boring, but also showing the pursuit of artistic beauty. JNJ products to bold design, tailoring and line of creativity to win, the collection of ideas, aesthetics, life in one, the development of the most creative mosaic art.

Times are changing, life is lifting. JNJ mosaic products never rigidly adhere to a simple physical concept, is committed to the fashion trend of capture, has its unique innovative design, exquisite craft, matching space solutions, superior quality highly respected, and has won the broad cultural taste of consumers, but JNJ is more proud due to its artistic creativity. Adhering to the business philosophy of “tasting the ultimate art and experiencing art life”, we are committed to continuously realizing the great strategic dream of “innovation, leading the industry and developing into the world, and becoming the global mosaic industry ONLY-1”!

5, SEED mosaic

Is one of the largest mosaic production enterprises in China, located in the Pearl River Delta ceramic base, Foshan District, Shunde.

Syed SEED mosaic technology in Italy relying on advanced, professional R & D and production of a new generation of advanced mosaic products, the company has multiple advanced production kilns and processing equipment, a professional talents, the annual production capacity of 600 thousand square meters.

SEED said the main crystal mosaic mosaic and handmade ceramic tile. To the “quality of survival, innovation and development” principle, the use of advanced production technology and scientific management, product innovation and development, strict lean production, fully implement the international quality management system standard.

6, Caihua mosaic

Flower color mosaic art ceramic mosaic. The main specifications, color rich and colorful, flexible collocation, can use geometric regular arrangement, and can be assembled according to the color of the gradient, showing the ever-changing effect; products using pure natural raw materials, green environmental protection, no radiation, the pursuit of natural beauty; non slip wear and compression excellent performance, is widely applied in the kitchen and toilet anti-skid performance requirements of high places. Because of the diversity of product color specifications, can give the space for all types of personalized fashion colors, mosaic is also applied to various places backdrop, hall, bedroom, corridor, KTV, swimming pool, water garden decoration etc.. Flower color mosaic rather artistic expression is a space personalized fashion, giving a strong three-dimensional space, strong visual impact, provides a broad space to play for consumers and designers, has become the most fashionable decoration materials.

7, LEIFU mosaic

Lei Fu LEIFU mosaic is the world’s largest mosaic manufacturers, Lei Fu Art Stone Co., Ltd. for the global strength of mosaic research, view, production, sales in one of the specialized enterprises.

Leifu Art Stone Co., Ltd made in the Yang Zonghe Huang Zong record Leifu world famous brand under the guidance of enterprises, from a small workshop initially to now become a large marble mosaic plant and some plants, and supporting the professional packaging production factory, set up new product development and new product research institute. Have a strong professional design and development team, more than 800 employees, the company leaders are returnees, and received strict professional training in Italy

8, Longart mosaic

Foshan Liang Ya building materials Co., Ltd. is one of the crystal mosaic production enterprises in the building materials industry. It is located in the Pearl River Delta region of Shunde City, Foshan Province, with beautiful environment and land and water transportation.

Bright and elegant Longart mosaic covers an area of 40000 square meters, with large modern factories, office buildings and other hardware. The main production of crystal mosaic, mosaic, mosaic medium. With advanced equipment and production process, with the best technical personnel and management team

Liangya Longart mosaic main crystal mosaic, glass mosaic mosaic and sand medium. The country has perfect dealer system.

9, Viewgres mosaic

Viewgres, derived from the German national spirit of excellence, interprets a German elitist attitude towards life

Lattice Viewgres mosaic is a Sino German joint venture integrating design, R & D, production and global trade. Since its inception in 2006, we have scrupulously followed the management concept of “quality and innovation” of Germany and implemented advanced management mode to realize the strategy of global sustainable development. Has established subsidiaries / offices in the United States, Sweden, Holland, India, Hongkong and Italy, and has set up product design studio in New York to establish a high international reputation in the international tile industry.

Only Viewgres mosaic, Italy product design concept follow the trend of the times and the aesthetic taste of the 2009, the world’s first 2CM quartz brick, dedicated work of European and American markets and won recognition and respect; in 2015, Viewgres to the top of the thickness of quartz brick category of Neiwaijianxiu, launched 1CM quartz quartz brick brick, advocate Indoor&Outdoor “overall concept indoor and outdoor, provide quality products for the global elite to beautify the environment.

Only lattice Viewgres mosaic, concerned about environmental protection and consumer health and safety, adhere to environmental protection and recycling of renewable resources, and access to international green leaf certification. To “natural aesthetics” as the core concept, focus on building quartz brick, Europe is the mainstream of high quality ceramic tile. The brick body, the natural process of be the same outside and inside soft, water absorption rate below 0.1%, showing a high density quartz crystal structure and international PEI4-5 grade high wear-resistant quality, natural, fashion show to the beauty of space.

10, HK Pearl mosaic

Foshan Le Lai Jianglong jade building materials limited company, the factory located in the famous hometown of Xinhui City, covers an area of 60 mu was founded in 1998, located in the exhibition hall Chinese mosaic city. The company currently employs 450 people, the average daily output of 4000 boxes of about 17000 square meters, 60% of the company’s products for export.

Float Lai mosaic with “the production of world-class products, provide the best quality service” for the purpose. Beautiful mosaic drift through the introduction of advanced production equipment for the production of high quality float glass mosaic, Li “brand variety, good chemical stability, no color, no dust, good adhesion, durable, suitable for building external wall decoration, such as buildings, hotels, office buildings, residential, building, villa, swimming pool.

There is no sand drift beautiful mosaic products, magic, clouds, Venus, Jin Yun, ice jade (Amber), porcelain jade, gold, crystal, and other series, more than 100 kinds of colors. The company fully implements the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, which conforms to the British “BS6431” test standard, is designated by the Hongkong Housing Authority, and accounts for 80% of the market